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Our Vision, the “belt” of Orion, is to set a new standard for environmental solutions based on integrity, innovation, and value creation through service to our Community, our Professions, and our Clients. It is our belief that integrity begins within our Community, extends into innovation from our Professions, and is ultimately realized as created value delivered to our Clients.



Due Diligence
(Phase I/II ESAs)

Orion investigates the potential for hidden environmental liability in a timely and confidential manner, accurate recommendations are made, and comprehensive documentation is provided to our Clients to facilitate environmentally informed real property transactions.

When environmental impairment is identified, we provide cost-effective recommendations to address the concern and bring the site to closure. Orion’s staff are experienced using a variety of investigative techniques and drilling methods.

Brownfield Redevelopment & Management

The level of complexity related to Brownfield redevelopment can only be matched by the significant benefits to the community and the individual participants, which are numerous and tangible. They include retention and recovery of the local tax base, job creation, re-use of existing infrastructure, preservation of a community’s open space, and improvements to the local environment.

Our staff clearly understands the social and economic benefits of Brownfield Redevelopment, especially in Western New York, as well as the step-wise process required to move a project from pre-application assessment to Certificate of Completion.

Typical Phase III assessments involve detailed geologic and/or hydrogeologic investigations in order to develop a comprehensive site conceptual model to identify contaminate fate and transport mechanisms that are used to help define remedial alternatives. Orion is experienced at conducting Phase III ESAs from initial assessment to remedial closure.

Site Investigation & Remediation
(Phase III ESAs)
Air Permitting
& Compliance

A significant area of concern for many industries is compliance with air permitting requirements and regulations. The environmental air regulations like the Clean Air Act (CAA), New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPS), Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD), New Source Review (NSR), and Title V, are just a few of the ever-increasing regulatory standards that industrial facilities must face today. The regulations and requirements are often confusing, contradicting, and sometimes overlapping, so it is important to understand which parts of the regulations are applicable to your facility and to individual operations, processes, or pieces of equipment within your facility.


Orion’s team of scientists has over 25-years of experience in the air permitting and compliance side of the environmental consulting arena, covering all aspects of air permitting, air emissions testing, and regulatory compliance services.

Landfill Gas Services


The landfill gas (LFG) services industry has become almost a separate/dedicated field within the environmental services industry. Landfills are such dynamic “creatures” that require a very specialized background in the environmental industry. Orion’s landfill gas services include specialties such as:

  • LFG Estimation Modeling

    • Generation of LFG models utilizing USEPA LandGEM software

    • Understanding and defining the needs and purposes of individual models

    • Refining historic models to account for actual site conditions

    • Performing separate models for distinctly separate landfill areas or different waste types

    • Using models to project LFG generation based on different landfill conditions and/or waste placement conditions

  • LFG Well Field Optimization

    • Troubleshooting poor producing LFG wells or landfill areas

    • Evaluating impacts from damaged wells or poor producing landfill areas

    • Investigation into high leachate or liquid levels in LFG extraction wells

    • Investigation of LFG headers/sumps/knockouts to evaluate restrictions, low points, etc., which impact gas flow and available wellfield vacuum

Bulk Storage Tank Management

Regardless of whether a tank is used to store liquid petroleum products, liquid hazardous waste, or other fluid hazardous material, it is regulated by Federal and State laws. However, the kinds of regulations that are applied for ASTs differ from those applied for USTs. Leaking tanks, faulty installation, or inadequate operating and maintenance procedures can lead to a release of contamination to the environment impacting soil and eventually groundwater quality and soil vapor. Leaking bulk storage tanks not only present risks to human health and the environment, the potential for fire and explosion also exist.


Orion has extensive experience with storage tank closures including site investigations, corrective actions, managing contractor activities, and regulatory agency interaction. When a project involves a tank that has leaked, we look closely at the site conditions, contamination present from the release, and the current and future use scenarios for the site. We firmly believe that the level of cleanup effort should be commensurate with Client-identified project requirements.

Air Emissions Testing (subcontracted)
& Ambient Air Monitoring

Air emissions testing is a truly specialized field. The testing methodologies, procedures, and protocols are rigorous and demanding of experienced professionals who have spent years reading, understanding, and performing these tests. The “art” of “stack testing” (as it’s often referred) includes understanding the test protocols, modifying test procedures to fit industry specific needs, and being mindful of process and test conditions, all while often working at elevated heights such as roof-top or smoke stack locations, which bears a substantial risk and demands the utmost safety.


Ambient air monitoring programs often require establishment of critical facility boundaries, working within public spaces or private properties, and operation of equipment for days, weeks, or even months in order to collect pertinent data to ensure worker and public safety. A Community Air Monitoring Plan (CAMP), prepared in accordance with State- and/or Federal specific guidance, requires real-time monitoring for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particulates (i.e., dust) at the downwind perimeter of each designated remediation area when certain activities are in progress at contaminated sites.

Soil Vapor Intrusion (SVI) refers to the process by which volatile chemicals migrate

from a subsurface source into the indoor air of buildings. Primarily because of a difference between interior and exterior pressures, soil vapor can enter a building. Subsurface sources of volatile chemicals can include: groundwater or soil that contains volatile chemicals; non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL); buried wastes; and, underground storage tanks or drums. If soil vapor is contaminated and enters a building, indoor air quality may be affected, which in turn, can lead to human exposure via inhalation.


Orion’s team of professionals have years of experience designing ambient air sampling, CAMP monitoring, SVI sampling, and stack testing programs, in-field operations conducting the monitoring programs, setup, and operation of sampling equipment, modifying of equipment to suit industry-, site-, or project-specific needs, and collaboration with Local, Regional, and/or Federal regulators for approval of project-required monitoring programs, mitigation systems, and test results. If you suspect air or vapor contamination at your location, give us a call to discuss the right solution.

Ancillary Services

Regardless of the requested project scope or duration, Orion is committed to integrating quality into all of our provided services, ensuring that our Clients projects are performed in accordance with requisite governing regulations as well as the approved project plans, drawings, and/or specifications. Our only goal is to consistently observe, collect, evaluate, and report information that is accurate, precise, representative, complete, and legally defensible.

Typical supplemental services include, but are not limited to:

  • Client advocate

  • Monitoring well installation and oversight

  • Well decommissioning

  • Corrective action implementation

  • Groundwater monitoring and reporting

  • Data reduction, validation, and reporting

  • Contractor liaison

  • Regulatory agency liaison

  • Sample custody and documentation

  • Sampling and analysis of environmental media

  • Routine or daily on-site construction oversight & reporting

  • Proof-rolling oversight

  • In-place soil moisture/density testing and backfill monitoring during earthwork operations

  • Oversight of soil liner and soil cover placement

  • Borrow source sampling and evaluation

  • Oversight of geosynthetic material (i.e., geomembranes, geotextiles, geonets, geogrids, geosynthetic clay liners, or geocomposites) handling and installation

  • General field inspection

Strategic Alliances

One of the fastest growing trends for business today is the increasing number of strategic alliances. We rely on our strategic alliances to expand service offerings to our Clients without committing to expensive internal expansions and hence unnecessary cost increases for our Clients.


Orion utilizes our trusted strategic alliances to:

  • Reduce project costs

  • Achieve advantages of scale, scope, and speed

  • Enhance project development

  • Develop new Clients and project ideas

  • Expand service development

  • Increase innovations

  • Diversify our services

Orion only alliances with highly qualified professionals that have a track record of our business-to-business collaboration. Our alliances are based on many years of trust and successful project outcomes.



Orion Environmental Solutions, LLC is an environmental consulting firm headquartered in Sinclairville, New York. What began as a childhood dream to simply “make our community better” nearly 40 years ago, has now become reality. Orion prides itself on working tirelessly to minimize financial risk and environmental exposure for our Clients while meeting relevant regulations and maintaining an unblemished safety record for our employees. Our general service areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Air Permitting & Compliance (subcontracted)

  • Real Estate Due Diligence (Phase I/II)

  • Site Investigation and Remediation (Phase III)

  • Brownfield Redevelopment and Management

  • Bulk Storage Management

  • Construction Management

  • Landfill Gas Services (subcontracted)

  • Health & Safety

  • SEQR

  • Ancillary Environmental Services.


More detail is provided in our Service Profiles.


Year Established

Our Mission: Orion is not your father’s environmental consulting firm. We do not believe that creating a dynamic and challenging work environment for our employees, satisfying our Clients to the point of being considered part of “their” team, or turning a respectable profit are mutually exclusive. We take seriously the environmental challenges our municipal, commercial, and industrial Clients face on a daily basis as demonstrated by our commitments to ethical performance, environmental stewardship, and investments in our people and their communities. Integrating forward-thinking solutions while maintaining a winning, value-based culture through employee empowerment strategies, and avoiding “blurred vision,” Orion will realize steady, sustainable growth, productivity reinvestment, employee autonomy, and strategic differentiation as the best cost-to-value provider in the business.



"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results."

Andrew Carnegie

Entrepreneur, Business Leader, Philanthropist



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